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"Moon Taxi"

Jun 30, 2007

For Moon Taxi

Once upon a time in Tennessee I sang with a band called “Moon Taxi.” They are a genuinely nice bunch of dudes and happen to be friends of mine…. Oh yeah and did I mention OUTSTANDING, INCREDIBLE Musicians??!! Check em if you get a chance… here’s a cheesy poem I wrote about a night at one of their shows…

Everyone Dancing!
Music Playing!
Guitars are Strumming,
Drums are Banging!

Not a care in the whole wide world;
Time to let the melodies unfurl.

The beat of the music
Feel it in your body, 
In your heart,
In your soul
Move to the rhythm
Keep on flowing…

Be in the stands,
Or join in with the band!
Hungry for more tunes
Take the Taxi, 
Let’s Fly to the Moon!
Hurry, it’ll be too late, too soon!

Who cares? get crazy!
Get wild, get cosmic spacey!

Catch a ride with the taxi and you won’t regret it
You’ll be whisped away a musical place
Where everyones face
Is lit with a smile 
And we’re all gonna stay for a while.

Come dance, swing, and 
Just have fun!!
You won’t be dissapointed ‘cause the beat is very catchy, 
And you are soon to find out The Taxi is insanley crafty.

© Vered 2007

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